POS Solution

We provide a tab based POS management software for restaurants. It wirelessly automates the ordering operations in the restaurants. Fast ordering operation helps to increase the table sales. It also helps to improve the customer service and reduce the labour cost involved.

Features of POS

  • Quick installation and after sale service.
  • Tab based ordering operation with improved customer service.
  • Secured and accurate wireless transfer of Orders.
  • Wireless printing for kitchen token/ticket.
  • The billing is done simultaneously at the time of taking order.
  • No manipulations in billing and secured transactions.
  • Increase in table turnover, sales and profitability.
  • Smooth flow of communication between service staff and kitchen.
  • Optimum staff utilization reduces the labour cost.
  • Wireless POS system support on the Android mobile & Tabs.
  • Generates several reports that will help you understand the performance of restaurant